What to Expect from Web Design in 2015-2016

I believe it’s vital that all products and services boast a strong and distinctive brand, and ultimately, if you want to achieve this, you must have a clean, responsive and reliable website, so I’m going to bring to you the latest trends to look out for in web design in the months coming up to 2016 and beyond.

1. High Quality Static Images… Most of the websites designed in 2014-2015 have consisted of the high resolution, widescreen slider images, as good as these home pages do look, I am predicting a change back to static images that were previously popular on the older websites – I think the full screen high resolution background image will be the choice of fellow front-end developers.

2. Crazy Illustrations… Over the past few years there has been an increase in the use of drawings, the use of an illustration is much more popular with creative and independent brands which aren’t easily replicated, this is why I believe there will be a slow rise in the use of these “Quirky Illustrations”…

3. Almost Flat Design… You are probably aware of flat design, and if I’m being honest – It was quite a failure, fully flat websites and applications didn’t really work out, but I believe that almost flat design will be the most popular with website builds over the next year or so… Just take a look at Gmail, it shows almost flat design beautifully.


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