What Roles Does A PR Company Based in Manchester Do?

PR ManchesterPublic Relations (PR) are a large part of the corporate world, for both large and small businesses. However, not a lot of people fully understand what it actually entails. In short, they manage the way that the public interprets an organisation. Some UK companies have an internal team that deals with these issues, but larger corporations in the larger cities of the UK, such as London, Edinburgh and Manchester will actually hire a specialised group of individuals who are separate. This article will discuss what these individuals do, as well as various methods that are chosen to best suit their clients. This article will use PR companies based in Manchester as an example city for this article.

Their Goal – The main aims of a typical PR company based in Manchester are as follows: –

Target Audience Analysis

PR companies will carry out the prediction, analysis and interpretation process of public opinion towards their clients. This means that they need to be able to understand how the general public will react and work accordingly towards changing it to an ideal they see fit.

Manchester Based PRPromotion

This is quite similar to an advertising agency, but instead of using paid strategies such as television commercials, they offer free publicity to their clients through the release of editorial pieces. This could be through a newspaper story for example.

Managing Resources

They will also manage resources in all areas of the company to fully understand and implement the goals of the client.

These three objectives are the backbone of any Manchester based PR Company. It is essential that they know everything about their clients to give them a greater advantage when it comes to press releases or other media covered events designed to project the success of clients.

How PR Companies Do This

There are absolutely hundreds of ways in which PR companies go about achieving their objectives. Some of which are listed below to give you an idea of how they work:

Social networking

Using mediums such as Twitter or Facebook, public relation companies can listen to public opinion. This could be via direct messages to the client’s page or if a user has mentioned them in a post. It also allows them to reply and keep in contact with the public, which may be valuable with regards to the message they are trying to convey about the client.

Organising Press Releases

In the event of a crisis or even if it’s just a new product being released, PR specialists are responsible for organising media coverage to maintain the reputation of a client. To do this, they must often think like reporters, being ready for any incoming questions or speculation with regards to the conduct of the client.

Presentations in Public Outlets

When a new product is released, you might often see stalls or booths dotted around shopping malls to let the customer get involved and become more familiar with it. PR companies are the ones orchestrating these types of events, which can be presented in many different ways depending on how they want the public to view it.

As aforementioned, these are but a few examples of how Manchester based PR companies operate. There are far too many to list, but the general idea to take from this; is that they are out to promote the success of their clients while handling any turn of events that may jeopardise the way in which the public view them. It’s a very complicated process that requires hard work and strict management, which is why companies understandably hire a separate body to handle engagements rather than taking on the challenge themselves.


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