What to Expect from Web Design in 2015-2016

I believe it’s vital that all products and services boast a strong and distinctive brand, and ultimately, if you want to achieve this, you must have a clean, responsive and reliable website, so I’m going to bring to you the latest trends to look out for in web design in the months coming up to 2016 and beyond.

1. High Quality Static Images… Most of the websites designed in 2014-2015 have consisted of the high resolution, widescreen slider images, as good as these home pages do look, I am predicting a change back to static images that were previously popular on the older websites – I think the full screen high resolution background image will be the choice of fellow front-end developers.

2. Crazy Illustrations… Over the past few years there has been an increase in the use of drawings, the use of an illustration is much more popular with creative and independent brands which aren’t easily replicated, this is why I believe there will be a slow rise in the use of these “Quirky Illustrations”…

3. Almost Flat Design… You are probably aware of flat design, and if I’m being honest – It was quite a failure, fully flat websites and applications didn’t really work out, but I believe that almost flat design will be the most popular with website builds over the next year or so… Just take a look at Gmail, it shows almost flat design beautifully.


What Roles Does A PR Company Based in Manchester Do?

PR ManchesterPublic Relations (PR) are a large part of the corporate world, for both large and small businesses. However, not a lot of people fully understand what it actually entails. In short, they manage the way that the public interprets an organisation. Some UK companies have an internal team that deals with these issues, but larger corporations in the larger cities of the UK, such as London, Edinburgh and Manchester will actually hire a specialised group of individuals who are separate. This article will discuss what these individuals do, as well as various methods that are chosen to best suit their clients. This article will use PR companies based in Manchester as an example city for this article. Continue reading →

The Top 6 Internet Marketing Companies in Manchester, UK

Affordable Web Design In ManchesterThere are lots of small and medium sized companies in Manchester. Each of them wants to grow and become successful. One really finds it difficult to search a reputed Internet marketing company that can really help them in growing. There are a lot of digital agencies offering affordable web design in Manchester, along with other services including graphic design, search engine optimisation, video production and many more, so customers should be really careful when choosing the best one. It is necessary for you to do some amount of background research before selecting a good Internet marketing company. If one were looking for a good Internet marketing company then this top 6 list would help you out in finding the right one. Continue reading →

What Services Can A Digital Marketing Agency Offer Your Business?

Digital Marketing AgencyA digital marketing agency is a company that focuses on attracting, increasing and informing prospective customers using online platforms such as search engine optimization, email marketing, placing adverts on various websites and social media platforms among others. This purpose of this article is to provide an insight into the range of techniques used by such companies to create and manage successful campaigns for clients. Below you will find the services offered by a digital marketing agency. Continue reading →

Search Engine Optimization: The Benefits That It Brings To Business Growth and Development

searchThe revolution that Internet has brought to business and life as a whole is tremendous. A recent report indicates that about a third of the world’s population is using the Internet for one reason or another. While some are using it for general purposes, others are using this medium to search for products within their localities. This means that if you are a businessperson and your business is optimised on the major search engines, you stand to benefit a lot.

Search engine optimisation is a web technique that helps in placing your website on the priority pages of search engines. This enhances the visibility of your site, allowing consumers to easily locate it whenever they search the Internet. Through the use of keyword mapping, search engines prioritize your site on their search criteria and this automatically increases the page rank of your site. There are a number of benefits that SEO can bring to businesses. Continue reading →

The Importance of a Marketing Calendar in Internet Marketing Strategy Best Practices

Life In Business Can Be Tough, Without The Right Marketing Tools…

cunning1Adapting to life in in a challenging and demanding sector such as the business sector can be the making and braking of businesses. Various strategies and techniques are put in place in order to gain maximum exposure, generate a client base and make profit. Advancements in technology and increased use of the Internet by the global population have also changed a businesses strategy to be adapted for an online target audience. Internet marketing strategies are vital in extending global reach and getting your products out there. But one of most important tools when it comes to Internet strategies for your business is to ensure you have an effective and accurate marketing calendar to manage your business campaigns and goals.

The Positive Impacts of a Marketing Calendar For a Business’s Marketing Strategy

Internet marketing strategies play a crucial role in a business. Even the most successful businesses would need to rely on Internet marketing strategy best practices to keep up with times. The marketing calendar can be used as part of the strategy to plan your marketing efforts for the company. A well-maintained and good calendar provides an understanding and overview of when and what marketing campaigns are taking place. Though the activities and timing may change throughout the year, the main marketing calendar should have a solid outline of the weekly and monthly marketing plans.

cunning2Big companies often use marketing calendars to coincide with their advertising promotions and launches. Small businesses can learn and apply the same concept to their marketing campaigns just as a digital marketing agency would. It would be hard for a company to stay competitive without a marketing calendar. Using a calendar to plan your marketing strategies will ensure that your business can run more smoothly. The marketing calendar can serve as a compass to guide your company and staff towards a common and ultimate goal. It helps you to coordinate the efforts, making you more aware and realistic about your energy, time and resources. You are more likely to get things done when you take the effort the draw off the marketing calendar and identify what and when you need to do it.

It is simple and fuss free to develop and create a marketing calendar. You can use a wall or desk calendar. With the evolving technology, there are even apps and computer programs that make your tracking of marketing calendar effortless. Make sure that your company maintains the database weekly in case of any changes in contact names, addresses and title changes. Plan your marketing calendar by identifying your target market and the mode to carry out in. The opportunities and events that you choose should be aligned with your company goals and visions. Therefore careful consideration of the marketing campaigns would have to be carried out. Once the marketing activities and events are chosen, mark them on your marketing calendar. If you hire a digital marketing agency to manage your Internet marketing and campaigns, then you will have undoubtedly used, seen or worked on a marketing calendar with the agency before.

Next, your company would have to brainstorm about the marketing ideas that are to be implemented; this will ensure that Internet marketing strategy best practices are integrated into your campaigns for maximum effect. Discuss on how to achieve and accomplish them. Then, assign a deadline for all the assignments and work backwards from your desired date of completion. Make sure that the timeline is realistic and achievable by your company. It is not wise to set unrealistic deadlines for your campaign deadlines. Include holidays and special occasions in your marketing calendar. For example, you may decide to have a marketing campaign during Valentine’s Day. Add the Valentine’s Day marketing campaign on your calendar and do not forget the follow-ups.

When developing your marketing calendar, think of your target audience, the date you would want to reach them and how is your company going to execute the idea. Your hard work and efforts are likely to pay off if you merge your marketing calendar seamlessly with your company’s goals and other responsibilities and commitments. It is an important and essential tool in Internet marketing strategy that your company cannot do without.

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